Phind out Phriday: Me and Mr. Jones, Lindo Jones That Is.

This week’s featured creative independent is a young man who uses his creative talents not only on stage, but off stage, being an editor for Apiary Magazine , coordinating literary events throughout the city of Philadelphia, and working with a nonprofit to address ecological stewardship and global sustainability in creative impactful ways.
Now I never knew he did all of that prior to our 5 o’clock meeting in Rittenhouse on a beautiful brisk  Saturday afternoon. I just knew he was a spoken word artist and I saw him perform not once, but twice, in the past couple of months at different venues.  
He writes and speaks what he sees, hears, feels, and hopes. This week I got to talk to Lindo Jones and below is what I got to phind out.
Phreedum: Okay before we start, like officially start, and this may sound stupid, but Lindo is not a really common name, so is it a stage name or a government name?
His eyes smile behind his glasses and he laughs.
LJ: It’s my government name. Lindo Jones. That’s me.
Phreedum: Okay, cool. So, tell me how you got started.
LJ: I like to think that I’ve always been a creative person.  I use writing to cope with things.
Phreedum: Things like?
LJ: Oppressive situations. I got picked on a good deal growing up. I had an interesting home life and used writing to process and make sense of some of those challenges.
Phreedum: When did you decide to do spoken word?
LJ: I was formerly introduced to spoken word by Michelle Meyers of Yellow Rage. She is the one who showed me what it was to take words from mind to page to the ears of others. I’d definitely consider her a mentor.
Phreedum: And how long have you been performing?
LJ: I’ve been performing for about two years now.
Phreedum: Where’s your favorite place to perform?
LJ: I don’t have a favorite. Each place is different and has a personality of its own. It’s kind of like friends. Friends have personalities of their own and each one has value. For the most part, if there is a stage, I am there gladly taking what each stage and audience has to offer.  
Phreedum: What has been a highlight for you so far?
LJ: Everything that I am doing I would consider a highlight. The fact that I’ve been able to leave a job I hated and dedicate my time to my creative work has been great. I have also been working to include music  in m work. I actually have products with me doing the spoken word with music . I love that people can take those things with them and my words don’t have to stop when I step off stage. They can keep impacting people and giving them things to identify with and think about after the show is over.
Phreedum: What has been one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned?
LJ: Always work harder than yesterday and never let today be the highlight of tomorrow.
Phreedum: What inspires you and keeps you motivated?
LJ: The progress that I’ve made makes me want to keep progressing. I have seen dreams become realities, so if I keep dreaming, I’ll keep seeing realities.
Phreedum: How does your work as a spoken word artist change the lives of others?
LJ:  I think I just get people to see things differently, even if it’s just for a moment.  Each time I get people to have a new perspective on something or think a little deeper a out something it’s like getting a mini grammy. To me I’ve been successful and I’ve created change. The person is not leaving thinking about something the same way they were when they came in.
Phreedum: What’s the best advice you have received as a creative independent?
LJ: Michelle Meyers from Yellow Rage told me to allow myself to be vulnerable and empower who I am on and off stage.  I try to stay open to feedback to better myself. I’m not the best but I am better.
Phreedum: And what advice do you have for other creative independents?
LJ: Learn as much as possible and live with the lessons daily.

For more information about Lindo Jones follow him on twitter @lindoyes or become a fan, look him up and  like him on Facebook. 

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