A Little of This and a Little of That

Below is just a snapshot of all the little things this week that between the busyness of my 9-5, home hunting, presentation giving, interview editing, t shirt picking up, fashion show attending, brother off to prom seeing, church going, family visiting, hair straightening , sibling happy houring and hanging outing, that made me happy .

1. My MAC mascara- I totally thought I lost it so it did not come with me on my trip to LA :( But I found it and my lashes got a double dose of BAM today :)
2. The shoes- I adore them. They are super cute, and comfortable, and I've yet to see another chica wearing them.
3. The ipod- I totally need to upgrade it, but I love it. And I love the new Kirk Franklin song I downloaded on itunes titled Today. It's from his Hello Fear album. What  creative independent doesn't need to remind him or herself every now and again to stop running from fear and stare it square in the eye and say "hello". 
4. The picture- It's a Brandi G. print from her collection Going Natural. I ordered it when I went to the Moore College of Art Senior show and got to pick it up this past week. Expect to see an interview with B pretty soon.
5. The bag- It's a deep plum purple and it is my great find from a thrift store when I went to LA. Which is in California, the land that I love. The bag reminds me of my last trip which was fantastic!!! Reminds me of wearing the bag with a cute sundress to the beach in Malibu just after the sun set.  Good times!
6. The strawberries- There is just something about them that just makes me smile. And they are totally great for snacking which I do a lot of especially when my schedule is crazy.
7. The popsicle- Sunny Sunday afternoon and a popsicle. Instant bliss.
8. The book- I've been reading this book From Good to Great by Jim Collins. I bought it like three years ago and am just getting to it and totally loving it. Dog eared pages, lots of asterisks, underlines, and notes in the margins. It helps me tolerate septa.
9. The names that I cut out and laid atop the book- These are the names of some really good guy friends who surprised me this week with all kinds of encouragement, good jokes, and reminders of me having what it takes to do what I not only need and  want to do, but was born to do. These are good guys that I don't talk to frequently for one reason or another, but when we do talk we seem to pick up right where we left off. You will never hear me say there are no good guys out there.

Sometimes the busyness in life will squeeze us so hard it makes it difficult to find the joy in the little things. But I've learned you have to. You absolutely must find small victories in order to stay strengthened and poised to win the war. You must find time to remember the good moments to get you through the distressing ones. And you must have people in your life who remind you not only of what you are capable of but that it's what you were born to do it. It's the little things in life that help us over big barriers and allow us to become great people.

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