The Sky's The Limit...Literally

I’d stayed up until about midnight the night before, went into the office early, saw two of my three scheduled clients, had met with my supervisor, stayed calm while my dad maneuvered unexpected traffic at 3 something on a Friday afternoon, retrieved my ticket, got through security without being “randomly” selected for a bag check, and found myself at gate D15 waiting to board my flight to Los Angeles  in a black leather seat watching the planes taxi and take off.
I love traveling. One of the things I love most about traveling is the airports. I love airports because they remind me to stay open to the many options in life. There are hundreds of planes that come in and out of airports daily, taking people to various destinations, some final, some merely a connection so they can get to their destination. No one gate always takes a person to the same place. The gate next to mine was headed to Paris. Airports remind me that anything is possible, the sky literally is the limit, and you are really just a seat and a few hours away from that possibility.
I also love that you can pretty much travel any time of day when you fly. Airports rarely shut down. In fact they really don’t shut down. Flights may be canceled typically due to some type of weather disturbance but airports really never deny you an opportunity to get to where you need to go.
Life is the same way. Sure there are barriers and obstacles, but life never completely denies you opportunities to get where you want to be. You’ve just gotta be packed and at your gate, watching the monitors in case of a gate change.
This week I encourage you to just make sure that you are staying open to the possibilities. Make sure you aren’t traveling by train and through tunnels, thus having tunnel vision and limiting yourself unnecessarily.  Allow yourself to fly, pick a gate, if layovers are part of the journey embrace them and know that you will get to your final destination. Thank you for flying, I mean, reading Phreedum.  Here’s to a limitless week!

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