Phind out Phriday: E/\sy of Natrl Born Heart Brkers

Earlier this year I got to sit down with a young man who is passionately pursuing the diversity of his artistic abilities. After meeting him at Arts Beat and Eats while selling pins and hoodies and then seeing him perform at a Voices In Power open mic I got to sit across from Terrence Woolford, better known as “E/\sy,” of Natrl Born Heart Brkers (NBHB)  at a small grey marble table in a small cafĂ© in Rittenhouse.  Although I asked about the nickname E/\sy, I already knew it had something to do with his laid back nature and  his genuine willingness to talk about his journey as an artist.
We sat there for a little over half an hour and talked about everything from the day’s events to his run in with Dom Kennedy.  We talked about the team behind Natrl Born Heart Brkers and the consistency entrepreneurship demands.
I phound out a lot about the brand and it being bigger than its products. I phound out a lot about E/\sy and that he is bigger than himself and views his work as an entrepreneurs as part of a bigger picture. And  I phound out about a lot of other things that you too can phind out below.
Phreedum: How did Natrl Born Heart Brkers  begin?
E/\sy: Our inspiration came from the New York City brand “Good Wood”. Myself and three friends got together in the spring of 2010 and we took that inspiration and started Natrl Born Heart Brkers. Our first product was the hand painted customized heart shaped pin.
Phreedum: So there is a team Behind Natrl Born Heart Brkers. That’s cool. Can you tell me a little bit more about the team?
E/\sy: Sure. There’s Brooks who handles the videography for our products and events. There’s Braheem who does our PR and a lot of the networking on behalf of the brand. Then there’s Darryl who handles inventory, shipping, and styling. Finally, there’s me. I handle the graphics and the painting.
Phreedum: Why Natrl Born Heart Brkers?
E/\sy: We wanted to take a negative and turn it into a positive. People usually see heartbreak as disappointment and something negative. However, Natrl Born Heart Brkers are people who put their hearts into their work while breaking through barriers and limitations. There is nothing disappointing or negative about that.
Phreedum: Talk to me about the name E/\sy?
E/\sy: A friend gave me that nickname back in high school because he said I’m so easy to get along with. It just kinda stuck you know. But my real name is Terrence.
Phreedum: What has been a highlight for the Natrl Born Heart Brkers brand so far?
E/\sy: All of the love we have been getting has been really great. Recently we have gone to DC a couple of times as a part of a trunk show series and the people down there have responded really well to our brand. Last summer we had an event and we got a lot of love there as well. People bought our products and gave a lot of positive feedback.  I think it’s always a great thing when you can do what you love and other people love and respect it.  I have a personal highlight too.
Phreedum: Oh really. Please share.
E/\sy: Dom Kennedy is one of my favorite musicians. I was on South Street headed to one of his shows at TLA. While I’m down there I see this guy standing not too far from TLA with a hoodie and it’s Dom Kennedy. But here’s the thing, I made this pin that was inspired by him and for him. I took it with me just in case I got that rare opportunity to meet him and I did. I walked up to him, introduced myself, told him about Natrl Born Heart Brkers and I gave him the pin. That was such a great moment for me.
Phreedum: Definitely cool.  Now is Natrl Born Heart Brkers  more than just the pins?
E/\sy: We are. We started with the pins but we also do key chains and we recently started designing some graphic tees and hoodies. We want to continue to expand the brand and products we offer but these are the dreams we can afford right now.
Phreedum:  I like the way you said that “These are the dreams we can afford right now.” It sounds like you guys have learned to work with what you have to get what you want. What other lessons have you learned as an entrepreneur?
E/\sy: Be consistent. We are in this for the long haul so that means consistently working to create products people will continue to want and consistently finding ways to build and connect to our consumers. We don’t want our next idea to be our last.
Phreedum: What would you say is the ultimate goal for you guys?
E/\sy: Our ultimate goal is to stay true to our vision and open a store where people can come in and not only purchase our products but really take in the entire brand and our vision. 
Phreedum: How does Natrl Born Heart Brkers change the lives of others?
E/\sy:  I think we challenge and encourage people to step up and give whatever they do 100%. We encourage people to not just wear our brand but be it- do what you have to do to breakthrough barriers and limitations. 
Phreedum: Who supports you and your vision as an entrepreneur?
E/\sy: Everyone around me. My team is very encouraging. We all encourage each other. People don’t always get it but my team gets it.
Phreedum: What do you think most people underestimate about being an entrepreneur?
E/\sy: Dedication is a must. If you are going to be an entrepreneur you have to be dedicated.  Your dream is not just for you. You have to just keep pushing and climbing past what you may feel like doing, or an idea not working out as you wanted, or the occasional negative feedback.  When I wake up I remind myself that I’m not just doing this for me and that there are people who benefit and grow from the vision of our brand.
Phreedum: How do you stay inspired?
E/\sy: I am inspired by watching others’ progress. Musicians like Whiz Khlifa, Kid Cuddie, and Dom Kennedy are some of my favorites not just for their music but for their story. I have watched them stick to their goals and really make it. That reminds me that I’m no different. I just have to keep at it.
Phreedum: Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
E/\sy: Listen to your heart and follow. It speaks for a reason. Listen to the good things it says because anything is possible.

To phind out more about E/\sy and Natrl Born Heart Brkers visit or follow on Twitter @TheNatrlBorns and @eazy_sumrz

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