Means To An End

You want your end product to consistently be great, amazing, one of a kind, and indisputably fantastic.  But what about the means to getting this end?
Often the question posed is “Does the end justify the means?” I don’t want to ask you about that.
The question I want you to consider is “Will I change the means to get that great, amazing, one of a kind, indisputably fantastic end?”
I have learned that you MUST protect and stay true to the integrity of your vision.  I have also learned that sometimes in order to do that you must be open to the ways in which you do this.
So as the caption in the picture suggests, if you get suck, try something else. That may mean:
Try a different coffee shop or café to work from
Try a different vendor
Try a different route to work/school/or wherever
Try blue ink instead of black
Try Mac instead of an HP
Try pink instead of red
Try going left instead of right
Try heels instead of flats, shoes instead of sneakers
Try Pepsi instead of Coke
You get my point. You can be stuck on the end goal but fell phree to be unstuck on the means. Here’s to trying something a little different this week. 

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