Phree to See

Perspective is everything. At Phreedum we know that’s it’s all about how you look at it. It’s about how you look at an image or lines, a word or letters, a deadline or a due date, helping 1 person or 100 persons. We have found that working as a team, graphic artist, screen printer, lead designer, founder, helps us keep the mission and vision of the brand in perspective so that we don’t risk losing sight of why and for whom we do this work. Furthermore as a team we consistently bring together stories of life events that help us keep it in perspective.
Recently one team member had an interaction with a teen who has a mental delay. She was interviewing the teen about a variety of different things. When she asked what scares her the girl responded “the gun shots I hear on my block” When asked what makes her happy, she shared music and macaroni and cheese. When the 13 year old was asked that she wanted to be when she grows up? Her response -“a princess.” Despite the prevalence of gunshots in her neighborhood, amidst her love for hip hop and mac and cheese, she wanted to grow up and be a princess. She still had a dream. She had perspective.
It’s not easy starting a business and it’s not easy maintaining one. It takes a lot of no’s , maybe’s and no call backs, yes’ and “on second thought”s. It also takes a lot of determination, a lot of remembering , a lot of dreaming, a lot of perspective keeping.
The US isn’t known for its princes and princesses, but we are known for opportunity. We are known for a land founded upon belief and perhaps the most important being the belief that all people should be phree.
At Phreedum we just try to carry on that belief. We just try to ensure we use our resources, whether it’s our twitter or facebook pages, our blog, or our products to help others begin and stay strong on their journey to phreedum.

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