A New Kind of Phreedum

We are excited that it is a new year. That means new goals, new designs, new partnerships, and most importantly new opportunities to create change. We are looking forward to exploring and experimenting, doing whatever it takes to really make an impact on local non profits. We haven't finished hammering out the numbers in terms how how many products we want to sell, how much money we want to raise, or how many and what stores we want to see Phreedum in. What we have done however is renewed our commitment to excellence and giving our absolute best. We have renewed our lease to be successful.

One thing we continue to learn as a team is beyond the importance of vision, perspective, and dedication, is the importance of what we define and give importance to. We'll be honest, of course we would love to see celebrities and their little ones rocking our gear. And a shout out in Vogue, Essence, and Details magazines would be sweet. It would be really nice for some of us to be able to leave our 9-5 jobs, not because we hate them, but because we are phree to dedicate even more time to the vision and mission of Phreedum. However, more importantly we would like to continue to be a company that promotes, strives for, and inspires success. And to do that, we had to figure out how we define success?

Well, we are still defining success. But to start with, right now we like that we aren't in debt, that we haven't had to take out any loans, that we haven't had to close shop, that we are still able to contribute to local non profit organizations, that we still have an amazing core team, that we have a new website, we printed our first set of stationary and it was well received, and we had our first international sale. Those are some things we are definitely proud of. However, with the new year and our embracing new opportunities we believe that getting new partners on board with Phreedum, developing a new marketing strategy, and increasing donations to non profits by at least 25%, will further help our success and ultimately the success of local non profit organizations.

Like we said at the start, we are excited about the new year. We are excited for new opportunities, including the opportunity to be more successful in the ways in which we create change in the community. What new opportunities are you phree to seize this year?

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