Phree for the Better

I won’t be continuing Phreedum much longer. On my way to Phreedum I actually became phree, and in so doing I have decided to free myself from Phreedum and to LIVE. And in my decision to LIVE, well I've made a host of other decisions,  working on a book project, writing for an online magazine, expanding my travels, and a few other things that I will happily share in due time.
I needed Phreedum. I needed to be phree. I needed to take some risks, explore a different part of myself, the experiences, and  meet lots of ridiculously amazing people.  But, Phreedum is no different than anything else in life. If you don’t use it you lose it. And so I am taking my new found freedom and what I’ve learned from Phreedum and using it to LIVE the life I was born to LIVE.
Sometimes on your way to a dream you really do get lost (man I could tell you about that in several blog posts, and I just might) but then you really do find a better one. I've got my golden ticket.
In choosing to LIVE, I think I've found a better one.
This week I encourage you to phree yourself to get lost and see what you find. 
Cheers to the Phreedum to LIVE xxoo

*This blog and products will discontinue December 31st, 2012. 

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