Keep the Hope. Let Go of the Outcome.

     This week I got to speak to eight graduate students who were taking an introductory course to counseling. I was asked to speak about my own journey to and in the field. I spent my time talking with them about what I believe makes a good counselor and how I came to such beliefs. One of the things I shared with the students is the necessity to have hope and to let go of the outcome. Specifically, to have hope that people can change, but when and how they change is up to them.
     Today I just want to remind you to do the same. Stay hopeful, but be willing to let go of the outcome. Stay hopeful about your dream job, but let go of how old you are when you start it or create it. Stay hopeful about your relationships, but let go of being right or when you will meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. Stay hopeful about the people you interact with, whether as an educator, counselor, assistant, or supervisor, and let go of when they blossom into the person you know they are cable of becoming.
Keep the hope. Let go of the outcome.
Happy Thursday! xxoo

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