What’s So Amazing About Grace?  is one of my absolute favorite books. In fact I consider it a life changing one, right after the Bible. In fact I’ve gifted a copy to several folk over the years, and will be doing so this Christmas. The above image and story is one of my favorite stories from the book. The book is dedicated to helping us, and by us I mean humans, rethink the concept of grace and who gets it (everyone), and who doesn’t (no one). What I love about the story is that the woman responds in such a manner that the man who offended her is no longer able to continue doing so. Her gracious words of thanksgiving (although there may have been some sarcasm) annihilated his cruelty.

Thankfulness is a very powerful tool. Whenever I am tempted to throw one of the take that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West BEST pity/pissed off/I would shank you if I could parties, I start to run down the list of things from which I’m thankful for. And once I do, honestly, whatever had me hurt, frustrated, or sad, pales in comparison to all of the things that I am grateful for.

The man’s cruelty is paled in comparison to the woman’s response of thanks. This Thanksgiving, may whatever has challenged you, broken you, or hindered you pale in comparison to all of the things for which we both know you are grateful for.

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