Let. It. Go.

You ever want to say something extra poignant but not sound like you spent all night on dictionary.com? Or you want to say something really simple yet have it sound all kinds of deep? Or, you’re trying to figure out what to wear and all you know is you want to look pulled together but like you practically put no effort or time into it at all, like you just wake up pulled together?
Hopefully you are reading this and nodding your head, saying “Mhmm,” or maybe you just said “Yes” out loud even though your alone reading this and no one can hear you. Well good. Because you’re not alone.
In fact I’ve been working on this particular post for several days now trying to say something that will resonate with my readers, lead you to an aha moment of the day, push you closer to your destiny, and…. 
I don’t have it.
What I have is what I reminded myself when I was stressing out about a few things this week and wanting them to be “perfect” (which I know doesn’t really exist but every now and then if I’m really real, I still want it sometimes) and what is in this picture that I found while on Pinterest “looking for inspiration.”
Let it go.
That’s it. That’s all I got for you this Tuesday. Let it go. I don’t know what the “it” is for you. But whatever it is, kiss it goodbye, give it a high five, a gentle kick in the pants, but, let it go.

Happy Tuesday! xxoo 

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