Phind out Phriday: Sara Selepouchin of Girls Can Tell

The great thing about meeting people is you end up getting to know and meeting other people. A few months back I introduced you to Brandi Goldsborogh an amazing graphic designer. Well getting to know Brandi allowed me to phind out and get to know Sara Selepouchin of Girls Can Tell- a line of gifts and house wares that showcase Sara’s drawing prowess.  Besides being one busy creative small business owner, she is witty, frank, and a believer that sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side. Take a look at what I got to phind out about Sara.

Phreedum: Talk to me about the name. What inspired it?
SS: Girls Can Tell is just the name of the album (by the band Spoon) that I listened to most while teaching myself to print. If I could change one thing about my business, that might be it (mostly because people assume it has so much more meaning, when it essentially means
Phreedum: When did you first know you wanted to start Girls Can Tell?  
SS: I began just as a hobby - I wanted to learn how to screenprint. I worked for for a year and a half, organizing full time artists and teaching them to promote their brands, so it was a natural transition to begin selling my own work full time when I left that job.
Phreedum: What has been a highlight for you since starting Girls Can Tell?
Exhibiting in a juried section of the New York International Gift Fair twice a year has been amazing. So many people and so many opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs and business owners.
Phreedum: What has been one of the biggest lessons starting Girls Can Tell has taught you?
SS: Don't be afraid to think bigger.
Phreedum: How does your work change the lives of others?
SS: I like to think of my work being given as gifts to people at memorable parts of their lives - housewarmings, graduations, weddings. It's nice when you can find the perfect gift for someone to commemorate an occasion, and I hope my work is just that.
Phreedum: What are some of the sacrifices you've had to make?
SS: Finding work-life balance is hard. And, like so many small business owners who want to see their businesses grow, I've done my fair share of investing most of what I earn right back into the business. Luckily for me, it seems to have worked.
Phreedum: What do you consider your greatest resources?
SS: My peers - my relationships with people who do similar things to what I do. We talk, we commiserate, we learn from each other. It's great.
Phreedum: How do you define success?
SS: I really don't know. I guess doing things because you want to and it makes sense to you, and not because you have to.
Phreedum: How do you stay inspired? motivated?
SS: I don't get people who say they have to do this or look here or "find" inspiration. I have more inspiration stored up than there are hours in the day. The challenge for me is prioritizing things intelligently, pulling the trigger on things at the appropriate time.
Phreedum: How do you unwind and self care?
SS: I run. And I drink a lot of craft beer.
Phreedum: Why the great detail in your work, the anatomy of the objects?
SS: It's my architecture school training - a decade of mechanical drawing classes.
Phreedum: What one piece of advice do you hold on to as you continue to build Girls Can Tell?
SS: Consistency is key.
To phind out more about Sara and Girls Can tell visit

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