Wishes Do Come True

This year I was finally going to get to go away for my birthday. Woo to the hoo! So, you will be happy to know in true go for what you want fashion, I, Ahyana King, went away for my birthday. I traveled all the way to the lovely, exotic, luxurious….Harrisburg PA!
Okay okay, so yes there is some sarcasm in my description, but I really did go to Harrisburg. I left on my birthday, August 6th, and returned that Wednesday. While you may be wondering who goes to central Pennsylvania on their birthday, I will tell you who, me.
You see, one of the goals I have set for myself is to present at a conference. So this year I submitted a proposal to speak about cultural competency and effective leadership at a leadership conference for college students in Harrisburg PA.
I don’ know if I could think of a better way to celebrate another year of life other than having the opportunity to achieve a goal.
To make it even better, the feedback I received from evaluations of the session I did was great, with people wishing it was longer or that I was presenting again during the conference. Colleagues who spoke to attendees of my workshop shared how good they heard it was.  Now before you think my ego is getting the best of me, it’s not. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking a moment to be proud of yourself and soaking up the positive feedback.  However, beyond the thrill of achieving a goal and receiving positive feedback, I found myself already setting another goal as it pertains to speaking about cultural competency in particular, but also effective leadership. I found myself desiring to do this again and researching other opportunities and other audiences.
You see, achieving a goal should really just serve as the foundation for another goal. It shouldn’t be the end of anything, rather the continuation of your journey of fulfilling your purpose in life.
This week, take time to revel in achieved goals. Toot your own horn, pat your own back, do your victory dance. But then, get back to setting new goals and continuing on to greatness. 

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