So it's been a little over a week since I have moved. And I am still unpacking, still draggiung boxes, and rearranging furniture, and making lists that are for items from Ikea, yard sales, Target, and Walmart.
I took a Popsicle break and took a moment to think about the day of the move.
My movers were pretty late. So as I sat on my apartment steps waiting for the movers who were only 2.5 hours late (see that's pretty late) I had just enough time to play back that entire weekend actually.
I had just enough time to playback several conversations and then enough time to get pissed.
A few of the conversations I had were ripe with resolve.  And that would be totally cool if the resolve were for something like, I don't know,  completing a  a grant proposal, working out more than once a month, cutting back on dining out,  or doing that laundry that is playing kissy face with the ceiling. But nope. The resolve was to live less than a fulfilling life. The resolve was to chill with mediocrity. The resolve was  "It is what it is" and shrug.  And....a few folk tried to make me feel bad for being resolved to live abundantly. THey took issue with my decision to have a plan, swallow, digest, and pass the challenges of life in order to keep moving forward with my plan.
Here's  the thing. Struggle is real. I get it. We don't all get rationed equal portions of it.  But I will be the first to  tell you, you can play with struggle, you can punch it in the face and knock its fronts out, you can eat cotton candy with it and you can Wobble with it. But you NEVER EVER EVER invite it home and you sure enough don't succumb to it.
I don't  know about you, but, I have decided that I want and am worth an abundant life. And if you are okay with less than such...well...Telle est votre vie (that's French for "Such is your life" cause it sure as heck isn't mine.)

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