Phindout Phriday: The Bridge Walker

Bridges serve one primary purpose- to serve as means of connecting two disconnected things. Bridges help you get over, from one destination to another. This week, I'm taking off from the blog. Okay, okay, not the entire week, just the next couple of days.  I need a few days to settle into my new place, adjust to the new commute to the 9-5 gig, and make some neighbor friends in the new hood.  The next few days I'll be walking the bridge from the city dweller I was to the town girl I now am, the oversized studio to the two bedroom and hardwood floors, the stoop to the grassy knoll (yes I said knoll), and perhaps the best part is, walking from a corner for Phreedum to an office for Phreedum. I'll be back Tuesday with a new post and am excited for the interviews for July. Love the privelege of talking to amazing local and not so local creative independents. Alright, I'll see you on the other side!

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