Phind out Phriday Preview: Mothers- The Original Entrepreneurs Part 1

As I wrote my list of women I wanted to interview for Women’s History month it was extremely important to me to include women who were mothers. It’s not a job you get a degree for. There is no certification program for it.  Yet I can’t say I know of a more demanding, unique, and purposeful “job.” I think mothers are the original entrepreneurs.  They are the leaders, managers, innovators, advocates, publicists, healers, accountants, seamstresses, counselors, mediators, entertainers, and the list could go on. They do all of this and as women, here in the US they are still paid almost 20 cents less per dollar compared to their male counterparts, 50% are statistically projected to experience parenting as a single mother, and have yet to be president or vice president of the US.  In some countries they are seen as second class citizens and denied access to political appointments, jobs, or institutions of higher education, have their genitals mutilated, and are savagely raped.  
Women, mothers, all over the globe go through all of this and much more yet they still seem to come out on top and stock the shelves of humanity with the greatest products ever- you and I.
This week I got to phind out a little something about the advice cherished, joys, misunderstandings, salary, and hopes of thirteen mothers from Philadelphia, the suburbs of Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York. This Thursday you will meet six mothers and tomorrow you will phind out about another seven.  
Phreedum: What is the most rewarding aspect of being a mother?
Bonnie Hill: The hugs, I love you's, kisses, and smiles you receive sometimes for absolutely no reason at all!  
Alicia Oglesby: Building a lifelong connection and knowing my son trusts me and wants me when he needs comforting.
Carol King: Seeing my children making wise choices and learning the power of prayer and forgiveness.
Nichet Sykes: Seeing that what I have taught my children has allowed them to become wonderful adults and young adults.
Carly Applebaum Goldberg: Seeing my son flourish in the world and come into his own.
Renee Risner Tourville: The most rewarding aspect of being a mother is watching my kids grow and mature EVERYDAY. 
Phreedum: What is the least understood aspect of motherhood?
Bonnie Hill: Being a working mother! Many people don't understand how a mother can work so hard, sometimes they are barely home, and yet still be able to fully raise their child. People think it can't be done! NOT TRUE! As a single mom I will do what it takes to balance WORK, SCHOOL AND RAISING MY CHILD! 
 Alicia Oglesby: Self-sacrifice. I put his needs before mine 99% of the time. I don't mind having less friends or less "adult" fun if it means I can have quality time with him. I don't mind not wearing the latest cutest shoes if it means his tuition for a better education is paid.
Carol King: We care and we love immensely. We are not trying to control your life. The lessons we have learned were meant to be shared in the right way and at the right time to prevent negative results, to build up and not tear down.
Nichet Sykes: The least understood aspect of motherhood is how as a mother of five I can understand each of my children’s individual personalities which allows me to target what each of their individual needs are. Many people can't figure out how I can do it. 
Carly Applebaum Goldberg: Just because you become a mother, does not mean that you instantly lose your identity as a woman (business woman, partner, lover, best friend, etc.).
Renee Risner Tourville: I didn't understand there would never be time off when you are a mother. I enjoyed sleeping on the beach and reading at the park or window shopping in the city. Now I can’t close my eyes at the beach, turn my back at the park and when I go window shopping I am considering “What do teenage boys like to wear?”, “Is that dress appropriate for school?”, and “I think I can wear those shoes and clothes one more year.” 
Phreedum: What would you consider a reasonable salary for being a mother?
Bonnie Hill: Being a mother is a priceless job! I wouldn't dare think about compensation! This is solely voluntary and I do it with pride, dignity, love, strength and courage!
 Alicia Oglesby: 68,000 a year with full benefits + a Roth IRA + free gym membership.
Carol King: Motherhood is priceless. You cannot attach a salary, because much of it is sacrificial.
Nichet Sykes: Being a mother is priceless and truly a gift that cannot be measured by money. 
Carly Applebaum Goldberg: Reasonable salary would be in the billions. Top 1%! 
Renee Risner Tourville: If I just pay myself what I pay my babysitters it would be $113,400.00 per year. Since I have 4 kids I would hope to have 4 weeks off. That would be $12/per hour. I have 4 kids now and I am 40 with 4 years of college so with my experience I would hope to get $25/per hour so the salary would change to $226,800.00 per year  plus a company car, insurance, Christmas bonus, spending allotment, health and dental insurance, clothing allowance. Paid vacation /4weeks without the kids and a health club allowance would be nice.
Phreedum: What is one piece of advice that has helped you as a mother?
Bonnie Hill: KEEP GOING” would be one piece of advice that has helped me in the 2yrs I've been a mother. That was my strength and courage right there.
Alicia Oglesby: Follow your instincts despite what anyone else thinks. In the end, I am responsible for his development, not anyone else’s good or bad advice.
Carol King:One day your children will grow up and they will thank you for what you are trying to teach them. Be patient."
Nichet Sykes: One piece of advice I have received from my mother is to communicate honestly with my children and have an open mind. But also, challenge them when needed and never slack on discipline.
Carly Applebaum Goldberg: “Enjoy each moment because they fly by in the blink of an eye!”
Renee Risner Tourville: “They  will never be perfect.”  Children will make mistakes, they will hate you at least one time in their lives, and they will get embarrassed when you yell out you love them when you dropped them off at the mall. BUT I will be the one to teach them to learn from their mistakes. I will love them through their trials and I will never stop letting them know that I love them because some children have parents that could care less about their children and they send them out in the world without any care or wisdom. 
Phreedum: In one word what do you hope to leave your child(ren)?
Bonnie Hill: Strength. 
Alicia Oglesby: Humility.
Carol King: Faith.
Nichet Sykes: Grace.
Carly Applebaum Goldberg: Compassion. Compassion for yourself, others and the world around you.
Renee Risner Tourville: Christ’s Love.

Bonnie Hill is the mother of 1. Alicia Oglesby is the mother of 1 and is 7 months pregnant with her second. Carol King is the mother of 5. Nitchet Sykes is the mother of 5. Carly Applebaum Goldberg  is the mother of 1.  Renee Risner Tourville is the mother of 4. 

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