Phind out Phriday: Mothers- The Original Entrepreneurs Part 2

Yesterday you got to phind out about six extraordinary mothers. Today I bring you seven additional extraordinary mothers. I bring you seven more women who specialize in engineering children for whom they make great sacrifices, have great hope, and you and I are dependent upon to carry on the change we started in our lifetimes but must be furthered in theirs. I bring you seven more original entrepreneurs.  
Phreedum: What is the most rewarding aspect of being a mother?
Marlene Agustus Idun: Helping to guide and direct my daughters lives so they can fulfill their purpose in this world. Knowing each child and guiding them according to their personality is only by God's grace and direction.
Barbara Francois: Going to pick up my daughter from school and seeing her run towards me yelling “Mommy mommy” and she jumps on me to give me a big hug and kiss!!!!! I love that feeling!!!!! No matter what kind of day I’m having it always makes me feel a little better. 
Nicole Jolly: Seeing my children growing, learning, maturing, and becoming independent and using the tools that I have instilled in them.
Erin Ryan Windholz: Looking at my little girl and realizing over and over again that new life is such a miracle.
Joyce Robert: Knowing my two sons seek to use maturity and wisdom when making choices/decisions.
Rachel King: Watching my son grow and discover new things about himself and the world around him each day!!!!
Serena Saunders: Hearing my son say he loves me, even if through text messaging. It never gets old and I smile every time.
Phreedum: What is the least understood aspect of motherhood?
Marlene Agustus Idun:  Motherhood is not a popularity contest. Often you have to make the unpopular decisions. It is sometimes a thankless job with no immediate rewards yet it brings you the greatest joy.
Barbara Francois: The constant worry about her safety and happiness. In the times that we live in I have to be extra cautious with who I let come around my daughter, where she goes and who she hangs with. I want to make sure that my daughter maintains her childhood innocence and grows up around love and happiness. 
Nicole Jolly: It is life changing. Life is not the same once they are born, you are always thinking about them and wondering if they are happy or safe, and wondering what else you can do for them...good mothers learn the true meaning of the word sacrifice.
Erin Ryan Windholz: Motherhood is at once intuitive and a complete learning process.
Joyce Robert: Motherhood doesn’t end with the onset of the child’s adulthood.
Rachel King: I can do everything I think my son needs to be pleased- change him, feed him, play with him etc. and he still seems to not be satisfied, and cries.
Serena Saunders: How difficult it is for a woman to override her sensitive, giving nature as a mother when a child needs harsh discipline, especially with young boys.
Phreedum: What would you consider a reasonable salary for being a mother?
Marlene Agustus Idun: There is no amount of money that could compensate you for the time and sacrifice it takes to love and mother your children. You do not get to retire from being a parent, even in death your parenting continues to guide your children with every action they take as a parent they will remember your voice.
Barbara Francois: At least six figures because everything is so expensive nowadays. There is daycare, food, clothes, extra-curricular activities,  and just being able to afford to give your kids the best options possible and secure their future. So something in the six figure range would be a great start.
Nicole Jolly: I don't think it's possible to put a salary on motherhood!!!
Erin Ryan Windholz: Being a mother is a gift. Parenting on the other hand deserves 6 figures at least - ha!
Joyce Robert: A reasonable salary cannot be determined or paid with dollars. However, It can be received as payable when a child displays the values of a good life taught with love.
Rachel King: HAHAHA... Do you really want me to answer this question??? I couldn’t even put a price on motherhood if I wanted to. No amount of money comes to mind.It is more of a sacrifice than anything else.
Serena Saunders: Priceless! But honestly I would take hugs and kisses from my son. Pay me in Love! 
Phreedum: What is one piece of advice that has helped you as a mother?
Marlene Agustus Idun:Time is short and we have our children for a short time before they go off on their own. Love them, play with them, laugh with them and thank God for their presence in your life.”
Barbara Francois: “Always put your children first and make time for them even if that time is like two minutes.
Nicole Jolly: Go with your first instinct!!! "Follow your gut feeling" when it's time to make decisions.
Erin Ryan Windholz:Be present, each and every day. “
Joyce Robert: One piece of advice that helped me as a mother when my sons were toddlers was “Take them everywhere with you”. Also, to train up a child in the way it should go.
Rachel King: Although I am a new mom, the one piece of advice that I has helped me as a mother is to spend that one on one time, and hold your child close, talk to them, and not only tell them but show them they are loved.
Serena Saunders: Involve God.
Phreedum: In one word what do you hope to leave your child(ren)?
Marlene Agustus Idun: Power.
Barbara Francois: Fight. Fight to live, for love, and to laugh.
Nicole Jolly: Courage.
Erin Ryan Windholz: Love. Love for herself, love for those around her, love for the planet, love for God, love for life.
Joyce Robert: In a word, I hope to leave my children (including all the babies I have seen grow) is love, faith and peace. Well, that was in a few words.
Rachel King: Love.
Serena SaundersInheritance.

Marlene Agustus Idun is the mother of 4. Barbara Francois is the mother of 1. Nicole Jolly is the mother of 2. Erin Ryan Windholz is the mother of 1. Joyce Robert is the mother of 2.  Rachel King is the mother of 1. Serena Saunders is the mother of 1. 

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