Is Your Heart in the Race?

Some call it burn out, others call it passion fatigue. Regardless of what you call it, if you are not aware of  the signs you and your dreams will be on a downward spiral. This week I encourage you to check your vital signs and make sure your heart is still in the race.
Are you motivated? Regardless of where you are in the process are you still excited about your goal? Are you still looking forward to the end even if you are not a fan of the current means? 
Are you engaged? Not the put a ring on it engaged, but the actively present and involved engaged.  Are you aware of what was done, is getting done, and needs to be done?  Are you working with your team if you have one, or just waiting for updates so you can give a quick nod of approval or blame others for what wasn’t done?
Have you gone from proactive to reactive? Everyone has a crazy day or long week where staying on top of things let alone ahead of things to reach your goals can be difficult. When a long or crazy day becomes consecutive days and weeks, and you find yourself waiting for the next offer or disappointment so you can then decide what to do, that’s a problem.  Deciding to live on a reactive default is definitely a sign of feeling out of control and doubting your ability to regain control.
Is productivity down while procrastination is up? Have you noticed a decrease in your ability to consistently be productive?  Do you find that your to do list is not becoming a to done list? Often people procrastinate when they are overwhelmed, anxious, or afraid. These feelings can become so intense they hinder you from progressing toward a goal. Not making progress can lead to feelings of defeat and wanting to throw in the towel.
If you are answering yes to these questions, you and your dreams may be getting ready to flat line. 
So how do you avoid having to call for a crash cart?
Go for a check up!
Check up on:
Your vision: Has your vision changed or need to be revised given newly acquired skills, interests, exposure and partnerships? If it hasn’t (and that’s okay) check and make sure that what you are doing is reflective of the vision. If it’s not, stop and align yourself accordingly.
Your team: What’s communication and accountability looking like? If your team is not acting like a team you need to sit down and figure out how to make it work. Don’t be afraid of feedback and don’t be afraid to offer constructive criticism. If players need new positions then assign them. If they need a new team let them know they are a “phree agent”.
Your skills: The only constant in life is change. With that said, you do yourself and your dream an injustice not to make sure you are changing accordingly. Make sure you are staying up on not only the newest and latest, but the best. Research is not only for when you first embark on starting a business, choosing a college, or considering relocating. Research is a continual process, so make sure you keep doing it.
Your priorities: What exactly is important to you? I believe people always do what they want or do for what they want. That said, how you spend your resources (time, money, energy, etc.) is indicative of what is a priority to you. The larger the gap between the reality of what your priorities are (how you spend your resources) and what you say they are, the more difficult it will be for you to achieve anything.
So reader, don’t flat line on me. Love your dreams enough to go for a check up and reach your goals!

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