When life gives you lemons...

Feel phree to give them back. Perhaps the greatest phreedum we have is the phreedum of choice. Perhaps the most under utilize phreedum we have is the phreedum of choice. The smart entrepreneur, visionary, go getter, or dream actualizer not only is aware that choices exist, but they are aware that they have the choice to not conform to choosing from the typical buffet of options or what they were given.
We’ve all heard the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” And you could most certainly choose to do that. You could choose to take something that was handed to you and make it work. In fact, we typically applaud the person who makes it work. In America a large portion of the entertainment business is steadily growing based upon reality shows where contestants have to “make it work.” Take the popular show Project Runway. The budding designers are constantly given limited access to unique materials such as corn husks or duck tape and limited time to create a couture look. And by the shows end, someone’s couture look was not so couture, rather it looked like a third grade art project gone awry, and they are sent home.
Now some may say that “making it work” forces creativity and can reveal creative genius that may be have otherwise been hidden. In some occasions I would concede to this. However, too much buy in to the “make it work” theory can mean unnecessarily using your resources, the same resources you could use to create a new choice.
If you think about it, lemonade without you already having or having access to a pitcher, water, a knife, a spoon, and sugar is still just lemons.
It’s okay to reject things. In fact I think that’s probably inherent to being an entrepreneur. There has been a rejection to the notion that the standard has to become your own standard. There is an inherent belief that you don’t have to make lemonade with the lemons given. You could give them back. Or you could let them adorn the counter top and see what else you have in the kitchen of your life and make something totally different. And, if whatever you choose to make happens to call for lemons, then by all means use them. If you’re going to use your resources, (time, energy, finances, relationships, etc.) use them to create things that you are passionate about. The choice is always yours.

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