One step back and two steps forward

I found myself distracted recently. I wasn’t just left of center, I was far left. I was going through the motions, or ‘maintaining” as some might say. But that was about it. Life was becoming a little lack luster.
I reached for a book that I am in the middle of, One Life solution, by Dr. Henry Cloud. It’s a pretty solid read. It’s practical steps for creating an integrated life. No professional and personal lives, just one person and one life where the two experiences healthily and realistically coexist.
I opened the book to where the bookmark was and immediately found myself going back and feeling empowered to go forward. And I felt all of that without even reading a single page. I felt all of that by reading the bookmark.
The book mark was actually a green 4 x 6 sheet of card stock. On one side was my vision for my professional life and on the other was my vision for my personal life. As I read the visions I was quickly able to look at my life over the past few weeks and see where I was off base which explained why I felt off center.
I read and re read the visions. Made copies to post in my office and at home. One to carry in my bag and one that stays posted in the book.
Why so many copies? Because it’s easy to get off track.
It’s easy to want to do everything, to try to do everything, and then end up with something or nothing.
Successful business and people don’t just have vision they utilize their vision. They use it not only to make sure they are headed where they desire to be headed, but to also steer clear of going place they don’t want to go. It’s not just a goal, it’s a tool that shapes the way they spend their resources, relate to others, and ultimately live.
I think one of the greatest things I am learning as I continue to grow and develop Phreerdum is that there are times that in order to go forward I have to go backwards. Sometimes going back is inevitable. Sometimes I have to go back to square one to really produce a quality image or concept. And that’s okay.
But if I want to stay going forward and reduce the number of times I go backwards (i.e. I don’ need to always look for a new screen printer, the one I pick needs to line up with the vision I have for a quality screen printer), then I have to keep my vision before me and I must use it as my compass.

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