Phind out Phriday: Chill Moody

Every interview posted is an edited version. That means that what you read is always the truth, but there are also some truths that didn’t make the cut and weren’t posted. For example what you didn’t read in the DJ Ricochet interview was his praises of local hip hop artist Chill Moody. And what you won’t read in this interview but I will tell you is that it was based upon the accolades of DJ Ricochet and a few other entrepreneurs that you will phind out about in the coming weeks that I googled, youtubed, and then face booked requested to interview the one and only Chill Moody. While we didn’t get to sit down over gelato, bubble tea, drinks at a happy hour or other nice things, we did get talk over our smart phones and I did get to phind out a phew things.

Phreedum: Who are you in five words?
CM: In Five words- I’m Chill.
Phreedum: Of course. And what’s with your name. Why “Chill Moody?”
CM: Chill was given to me by my aunt. When I was about 2 months she just said “Look at that baby. He doesn’t cry or anything. He’s just chill.” And the name stuck. And moody, that’s my government last name.
Phreedum: I’ve been told that you do more than music, what exactly is the Chill Moody package?
CM: Uh let’s see. There is Moody sunshine, my clothing line. And I do all my own editing for my videos. Okay, well I’ve gotten some assistance with some, but mostly I do my own editing. And, oh, yeah, I want to be an actor. I figure Imma just rap until Steven Speilberg sees me and puts me in a movie.
Phreedum: I can dig it. So when you’re not rapping what are you doing?
CM: Drinking.
We both laugh.
CM: Sike don’t put that. No, you can put that. But um, usually if I’m not actually rapping I am writing a rap, filming, or in the studio working.
Phreedum: What are the necessary characteristics of a successful artist?
CM: I think to be successful period you have to perfect your craft, make sure you have a tight supportive circle of people, stay true to yourself, and stay focused. Either work hard or don’t be afraid to be real with yourself and if you need to bail out, then bail out.
Phreedum: What is most fulfilling about the work you do?
CM: People I don’t know give me a lot of love. I walked into a bar last night and my song was playing, and someone walked up to me and said my music was inspiring.
Phreedum: Alright, so on the other end of the spectrum, what has been the most challenging aspect of your work?
CM: Trying to stay consistent and give people what they want to hear, Once you try to give them something relevant the challenge becomes staying relevant. And trying not to get discouraged. Just like I have people giving me love other are people out there that don’t like me. You can do searches and you see people trashing you.
Phreedum: As you mange the fan appreciation and love and keep the haters at bay, how do you stay motivated?
CM: I just look at my progress. I’m not where I was this time last year so I know I’m going in the right direction. The other day I heard someone compare me to Nas, saying I as the next Nas. And that’s cool, but I just want to be the 1st Chill Moody.
Phreedum: And how do you handle stress?
CM: I sleep. I’d rather not think about stuff, just let me sleep.
Phreedum: Who has been influential in allowing you to phreely pursue your dreams?
CM: I can’t say it’s been one person. I would say my family. My mom, dad, nieces, nephews, aunts, my grandmom. Everybody. They come to my shows. My mom knows like every song. She used to be like “Boy turn that down.” But I do my music to make them proud.
Phreedum: How does your music change the lives of others?
CM: I think my music inspires people and they can relate to it. People dedicate my songs to other people. Some people say my songs are like their mantra. They get up and start their day listening to my music.
Phreedum: What’s been your proudest moment thus far?
CM: Hmmm. I would have to say that my proudest moment so far has been being placed in regular rotation on the radio here in Philly. And as a Philly artist you would think that would be easy, but it’s not. Since March of this year I’ve been on regular rotation. Yesterday I was on there like 4 or 5 times.
Phreedum: So you’re a pretty public guy at this point. You seem pretty generous with interviews and letting people know about you, but what’s one thing about you most people don’t know?
CM: I can’t read or write cursive.
Phreedum: Really?
CM: In third grade I had pneumonia so I missed most of third grade which is when they teach you cursive. And by fourth grade you can write however you want. So I never really learned it. I can kinda read it but I definitely can’t write it.
Phreedum: So if there was a contest for writing cursive you would lose?
CM: Sure would. But it’s cool I can do lots of other things.
Phreedum: Where do you see the Chill Moody movement in 5 years?
CM: In five years I want to be branded to a point where I can be putting other artist out there. I want to do more of the behind the scenes work. I want to be the one cosigning other artists. That’s where I want to be in five years.

For more information about Chill Moody, check out his website, or on facbook, or twitter @ChillMoody
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