Phree vision care

It has been said that for the lack of vision the people perish. I’m not sure if I can say enough the importance of vision, personally, relationally, spiritually, and professionally. Without it you are so lost. And when things in life block our vision it is imperative to do everything in our power to remove the blockage. If your sight remains stuck on the obstruction, you are still vision impaired.
In fact the obstruction becomes a distraction and takes you totally off course. And instead of going left you go right, instead of going ten miles you go thirty, instead of going north, you end up in Mexico.
As I sit in this coffee shop on the corner of 45th and Locust I am sitting here amidst the changes that I intend to make to Phreedum, include promoting its phall this fall and it’s rebirth in the spring of 2012. I sit here revisiting the vision ad sorting through all of the obstructions, the detours, the 20 miles too far, and the turns too soon. I sit here passing the red light of doubt and deception and accelerating through the green light of honesty and possibility.
I’ve got a list on the green napkin of new designs, for stationary, for editing the vision and mission to include a scholarship fund and no longer donating to local nonprofits. I’ve also got a list of venues to consider participating in this fall- everything from outdoor events to small shops to cafes who like to support the art of local talent.
In my first business class at Penn they talked about the importance of vision and having one. They never talked about the importance of recognizing when your vision is obstructed and the importance of addressing the obstruction immediately. They definitely didn’t mention what to do when the obstruction is you. But I’ll save that for another post.
Phreedum may not have yet made I big enough where it has sold millions and rivals top designers for prime tents during fashion week here or abroad, but it’s been big enough in my own life to cause me to stop, open my eyes, be honest, and consider the vision that is dictating the direction of my life and my brand. It is humbling to see what has been creating in the dark, and exciting to see what has been created by the light of vision.

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