Phree for the sake of being phree

I came across this photo and it begged a series of questions. Would Jesus have walked with the man in the picture to the left with a sandwich board of his own, or would he have invited the man in the picture to the left for dinner, or would he have stayed with the man amidst the mess that both pictures lay atop?
If we do not have the freedom to challenge and maximize our potential, talents, and skills in order to ensure that all humans are free to do the same, then what do we have? If we are not willing to join picket lines when needed, set an extra place setting when need, or just be present amidst the turmoil when we don’t quite have the answer then what are we phree to do?
The greatest freedom is not to be my own for my own sake, but to be free for the sake of the freedom of others.

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