Phree to live with the threat of failure

So I’ve been doing these interviews for “Phindout Phriday” here on the Phreedum blog with local entrepreneurs. And some of the questions are kind of standard. Like, “Who are you in 5 words?” Other’s I ask depending on the flow of the conversation. But amidst my own continuity and occasional change up, I’ve gotten some pretty constant answers and some pretty unique ones. The latter was expected, the former not so much.
So what has the artist, editor, realtor, cook, and graphic designer all shared so far- Don’t be scared.
Doesn’t matter the art, the skill, or the craft, somewhere in that forty to sixty minute I spend chatting it up with the interviewee is the fear factor and the need to overcome it.
One of my favorite authors, speakers, ministers motivators of all time is TD Jakes. Part of what I like is his swag. Yeah I said it the minister has swag. But by swag I mean his style. And he does a good job at keeping it real. He doesn’t sugar coat a lot of things. He doesn’t try to pretty it up. And he doesn’t allow those who listen to him to deceive and pretty themselves up. If Time Magazine did a 100 most honest people, he’d easily clear the top ten.
But not too long ago as I was wondering what’s next for me and Phreedum, as I often do, I was listening to TD jakes and he said something. He said something pretty similar to the artist, editor, realtor, cook, and graphic designer. He said “Don’t be scared.” And specifically he spoke to the one fear inherent to life, let alone being an entrepreneur, a social changer, a life improviser. He spoke to the fear of failure. He reminded his listeners that we always have to live with the threat of failure. We never have to live with failure. Failure will come but it’s an opportunity to learn, change, grow, and move on to success. But there is always the threat of failure with anything in life and that you have to live with.
At Phreedum we don’t guarantee perfection or success. We guarantee a commitment to change, and we understand inherent to change is the possibility of failure. We understand that inherent to the possibility of failure is the possibility of success.

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