Phree to have a second chance

Before I go to bed I double check everything. Making sure everything that needs to be locked is locked and everything that needs to be of is off. Before I leave the house I take a double look in the mirror to make sure everything is on point and then I double check to make sure that everything that needs to be locked is locked and everything that needs to be off is off. After I pay for groceries or a chai tea latte I double check the change received. So I’m a double checker.
So when I read City Paper’s article Torn Away, an article about Cambodian refugees being imprisoned and charged with no crime, I had to double check. Was I reading this correctly. Was it really 2011 and a Cambodian man had been in jail for a year and charged with nothing?
I won’t give the entire story away. What I will say however is upon some digging, the Cambodian man featured in the City Paper article, served time in prison in America some 12 years ago. He did a crime, then did the time. Since then the LEGAL immigrant has not committed any other acts of crime. His recent arrest however, according to the City Paper is part of a government movement to send “alien criminals” back to their country of origin.
I don’t know about you, but my dreams for success have not come to fruition. I’ve made any attempts to make them real and I still am. I’ve encountered many challenges, passed up good opportunities, and just made totally stupid decisions. My dreams have not come true on the my first attempt to actualize them. However, I don’t have the option of not giving myself or my company a second chance in order to achieve success. Yet somehow the government is seeming to suggest that as immigrants if you come to the states and you screw up before achieving your version of the American dream, you gotta wake up and go back. No second chances. No Do-overs. No double checking.
Somehow that seems so anti phree, so anti America.

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