Phindout Phriday: Brandon Davis Editor in Chief of American Dreaming Magazine

“So this is your spot?”
“It’s one of them.” I responded.
We were sitting in my favorite Gelato spot on 20th and Sansom in Rittenhouse Square.
“Well Imma four square it,” and he pushed some buttons on his smart phone.
He is the first of a series of interviews I am looking forward to conducting over the next couple of weeks. When I posted Happy Birthday on his facebook wall and he responded not only with a “thank you” but a link to a charity he was asking people to donate to instead of giving a birthday gift I knew I had to learn more about this guy. Who is this guy who was running a magazine, staying abreast of all things entertainment and social/cultural, traveling, and donating to non profits? Who is Brandon Davis? Who is the man behind American Dreaming?
Phreedum: Who are you in 5 words?
BD: A young relentless American Dreamer.
Phreedum: What is the most fulfilling thing about the work you do?
BD: It’s what I want to do
Phreedum: Who has been the most influential person in allowing you to phreely pursue your dreams?
BD: God first and foremost.
Phreedum: You sound like you’ve made this speech before.
He laughs and his eyes smile behind the brown frames of his glasses.
BD: My family. My brother in particular.
Phreedum: if you don’t mind my asking, what in particular about your brother?
BD: my brother, just who he was before he died. I used to want to be a rapper, and he was always like “go do it.” After he passed I wanted the same mentality. Go do it. Make it happen. And that’s the approach I take.
Phreedum: How does the work you do change the lives of others?
BD: Recognizing people. We let people know we see what you’re doing and we commend what you’re doing.
Phreedum: What’s been your proudest moment thus far?
BD: Recent proudest moment is we just celebrated one year in print. Going into print was a proud moment. The first issue was a proud moment.
Phreedum: How would your staff, friends, and family describe you in one word?
BD: Passionate
Phreedum: What’s your favorite way to de- stress?
BD: …..That’s a hard one.
Phreedum: What? I know you take a break.
BD: You ever heard of stumble?
Phreedum: Nope.
BD: Well it’s this thing you can add to your desktop but I clock on it and just zone out. You just browse on the web. I just zone out. Yeah that’s my second favorite way to zone out.
Phreedum: Second? Well what’s your first?
BD: ….uh well…
Phreedum: (listening intently)
BD: Well I said I was passionate right?
Phreedum: Right…oh…oooooohhhhhh
BD: Yeah
Phreedum: Ok, gotcha.
We both laugh.
Phreedum: If your brand was a sport what would it be and why?
BD: Golf. I love golf. I don’t really know how to play but I go out there and I go at it. I’m learning so that one day I will be really good at it.
Phreedum: What advice would you give other entrepreneurs?
BD: Be ignorant. Ignorance is bliss. We started a magazine when print was taking a hit.
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