Phree to be Green... Cee Lo Green That is

As you know Phreedum is a nights, weekends, and in the middle of my mind while sitting in meetings at my 9-5 gig. So I was all but pleased when I left the 9-5 gig early to meet with a business advisor who's advice hit the repeat button in my mind for Cee Lo's F*** You song.
I am a big girl, and my team is full of big people aka adults. We are aware of our strengths and challenges, and we are ruthless in our vision and commitment to our goal. So when we sat with a guy who shared he'd perused the website and read what we were about but then asked "Your images don't really seem to convey a message. How do they connect to the concept of Freedom?" You could imagine the faces, and then the remix of Cee Lo's F*** You song playing.
There was no way he visited our website and looked out our products and couldn't make a connection. In part because it's obvious, every design has an accompanying story about how it connects to the concept of freedom.
What was perhaps the most frustrating was sitting across the table from a guy who seemed to grapple with the very essence of Phreedum.
Phreedum doesn't pride itself just on it's apparel. It's the concept and the lifestyle of living phreely that we pride ourselves on. It's the ability to explore and wander and wonder that we want to support and sustain. We're not just another t shirt company. The world doesn't need that. We're not just another socially conscious t shirt company. The world has a lot of those and it seems the execs are still sleeping. What we are is a company using design as a medium to ensure the production of and purchase of a basic human right- freedom. We produce freedom through our commitment to create products that say "what if?". We rely on purchases from people who believe "If I support Phreedum I support the freedoms of others because a portion of my purchase helps ensure housing, food, education, exposure to different cultures, resources, and opportunities that expand the mind and beg the soul to search beyond all it's already known."
If he or anyone couldn't grasp that basic concept, that we are just a company who chose tees as a means to phree end, then to that I say, press play and enjoy our way of going green, Cee Lo Green that is.

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