Phree to be imperfect

On a moist gray Wednesday morning I sat in the late actor Heath Ledger’s Five Leaves restaurant for brunch with two friends from undergrad. And as much as I enjoyed the conversation and the food I think what I enjoyed most was the restaurant’s décor. My girls are great the food was ridiculously delicious. But the décor was amazing. It was rugged, distressed, and unfinished. It was purposefully incomplete. Here, being undone , unfinished, un together is acceptable. Heck it's normal. I know that I need space in my life to be incomplete. In fact I think we as people need spaces in our lives where we have the phreedum to be incomplete. Where we have the phreedum to be rugged, distressed, and unfinished. What could be more phreeing than knowing you are phree to be imperfect? Phree to struggle, to phight, to muddle through? It was rephreshing. The conversation, the goat cheese quiche and hash-browns, and the echoing of the voice of the décor to be imperfect and all up in the process of becoming.

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