Phree to Expect the Unexpected

I found myself trapped today. Momentarily, the hopeful visionary of all things phree found herself trapped. I found myself caught, metaphorically speaking, on the bridge between anger and shock that my colleague had the audacity to suggest my expectations were just too high. What did she mean they were too high?
I disagreed. I thought my expectations were not only reasonable but business savvy. I mean I think it would make sense for the company I was assessing to take time to revisit their strategic plan, communicate with staff the plan, what year they are in the plan, their vision, and the services they believe they provide extremely well, services they want to improve upon, and new services they hope to offer. Why wouldn’t a company want everyone to be on the same page, to know the vision and the plan to fulfill the vision? I swear they covered that in Business 101.
In any event my colleague thought I was expecting too much. We finished our conversation, parted ways at the staircase and I thought more about what she said. That was when I found myself somewhere between being angry and shocked. Angry that wanting a company to maximize its potential was considered a high expectation and shocked that she had the audacity to say so with full buy in to her commentary.
The more I thought about what we discussed and my own reaction I realized it was simply contrary to me as a person and sooooooooooooo contrary to Phreedum. I just don’t believe in expectations that are too high. I believe there are expectations that are unrealistic. However unrealistic is not the same as too high.
And….I am a pro at expectation setting and readjusting. Sometimes I realize my expectations fall into the unrealistic camp and I have to pause, assess, restrategize and move forward to achieve the goal.
At Phreedum we believe the same thing. We believe there are goals that we as an entity have and those we desire to help have which mandate setting and readjusting expectations. We firmly believe there are times to pause, reassess, restrategize, and move forward to meet expectations. We believe there is a line between idealistic and realistic. But we also believe that line was drawn with a pencil so sometimes we have to erase it. We honestly don’t think it’s not too much to expect people to think about life in the context of being connected to the larger global community. We don’t think it’s expecting too much to ask people to take their thoughts a step further and act. And the action can range from spreading the word about Phreedum, to purchasing Phreedum products, to community service, to simply being more mindful bout how one uses and distributes their resources. We’re not saying that it’s easy, but we are saying it isn’t impossible.
At Phreedum we don’t just set high expectations, we exceed them. Expect the unexpected.

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