Phree all month long

If Phreedum had a month, I may sat it’s October. No it’s not the month I first came up with the idea of the company. It’s not the month I created my first design, started classes at the mall business development center, or sold my first product. If you’ve read the newspaper, picked up a magazine, watched a football game, used SEPTA, you will know this month there was the race or the cure, walk to end domestic violence, and the AIDS walk here in Philadelphia.
Hundreds if not thousands of people walked, ran, strolled, and biked for a host of different Phreedums. People stood with people, regardless of gender, race, ability, religion, creed, or orientation to ensure they did their part in helping researchers get a little closer to cures for breast cancer and AIDS and families bruised by domestic violence could be better supported to heal. People rose early, rallied family and friends, and journeyed on until t they contributed what they had to contribute to their respective causes.
A whole month of not only raising awareness but physically and monetarily providing support is definitely something that Phreedum LOVES. We always want our supporters to know that we support you in your support for humanity. There is no phreedum that is greater than any other. People have a right to be cancer free, HIV/AIDS free, and domestic violence free. People have a right to access the best education, up to date text books, and well trained teachers. People have a right to be employed in their communities, to support their families and bring in an income that is above the poverty level. People have a right to lyfe, liberty, and the pursuit of happyness. People have a right to Phreedum.
A huge thanks not only to our supporters but to all of those who supported the various causes this month. No one is phree until we all are Phree. Viva la Phreedum!

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