I probably watch Sex and The City the movie (the first one) once a week easy. Lies, I watch it twice a week easy. So when I realized that it was already Thursday evening and I needed to pack for the weekend at my mom's, I realized I had not watched the movie. I popped in the DVD and commenced to packing. I am a pretty good multitasker.
Now, I was never a die hard fan of the series. In fact I watched more of the series after I saw the movie in theaters. And it's not that the movie is that cinematically amazing. It's not. I mean it's good, but well I don't recall it winning any Oscars. And I'm not that much into fashion to watch it for the designer clothes, shoes, jewels , or handbags.  Lied again. I don't have the budget that would support the designers the actreses wear in the film.
So why do Iwatch it?
I watch it because the main character, a writer, Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) experiences what I would imagine has to make the  top three forms of the worse types of rejection (the guy she has dated on and off for 10 years, but steadily the last 4, finally proposes to her and then totally doesn't show up to their wedding) and resumes her life. 
She doesn't withdraw and spiral out of control. She doesn't deny what happened and then reinvent herself (although she does get a new mobile number  and colors her hair going from a blonde to a brunette). She doesn't give up writing. In fact before her wedding she was writing a book about love and she resumes writing the book. 
As you watch the film you watch her resume.
Sometimes in life we have to resume. We don't quit or resign. We don't start anew. We simply continue. And, we continue with the belief that if we resume, the ending we had hoped for will still come.
In the film, as Carrie resumes, she sought help. She didn't just utilize her friends, she actually hired an assistant (played by Jennifer Hudson). She got the help she needed to help her resume because she knew she was still deserving of the happy ending she had always hoped for for her life.
This week, what do you need to resume in your life? Make the call, send the letter, knock on the door, dust off the book, the notepad, the lock box. This week, resume, and resume by all means necessary. Take your life off pause, press play, and resume.

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