How to Make It in the World

Super glad I grabbed a copy of Elle magazine prior to Hurricane Sandy’s arrival. I've enjoyed many of this month’s articles. Everything from Elle’s favorite Hollywood women (Octavia Spencer made the list), to women who are having a positive impact on reshaping body image portrayal in the media (Solange), and the advice column, “Ask E. Jean.” Now I am not an avid Elle reader. I saw the cover, flipped through the magazine, saw some things that caught my eye, and bought it.  Furthermore I’m not an avid advice column reader, and that’s from any periodical, hard copy or electronic. However, scanning the page the subtitle “How To Make It In The World- The Hannah Rules” caught my eye.
I read the eight rules that were in response to a reader comparing herself to the stuck twenty something character Hannah in the HBO show Girls. Now, I’m not a fan of the show Girls, I kinda feel like it’s a slap in the face to women (perhaps that’s why it’s called Girls) and it super lacks diversity. So while I’m not a fan of the show, or Hannah, or being stuck like the young woman seeking advice, I could dig E.Jean’s rules. In fact, I could dig them so much so, I thought I‘d share them with you.
How to Make It in the World
The Hannah Rules
1.  Never spend time looking for a job when you can invent a job.
2. Never invent a job that does not completely help solve one of mankind’s problems.
3.  Never forget, as you prepare your Facebook marketing campaign: Women want to be thinner, and men want to be taller. (Not a fan of this rule)
4. Never go with what you love. Go with what obsesses you.
5. Never worry about failing. You will fail. Just fail smarter the next day.
6. Never listen to your boyfriend (or girlfriend) when he (she) complains that you’re working all the time. Keep working.
7.  Never wear black. Wear red- hot, cheeky, dangerous red. People will be less likely to forget you. (I think this rule is pretty much for the females, and yes, wear that red hot red)
8.  Never aim for catchy. Aim for true.
9. Never ask customers what they want- As Steve Jobs said :”People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”
Happy Tuesday! xxoo

*The above rules were taken from the November 2012 Elle Magazine Ask E.Jean Advice Column

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