Don't Rush

Don’t rush the night
Take its hand
Your thumb, its thumb
Your forefinger, its forefinger
Your middle finger, its middle finger
And so forth
Hold on
Don’t rush
- Dylan Kien

I'd just finished cleaning up after hosting my fourth gathering since moving into my new space almost three months ago. It was till early and I began to think about what I could do for the rest of the evening. And that really had me thinking about what I should do for the next evening.
I started to think about what I needed to do for this month's LIVE event, then there were things that still needed to be done for my nephew's first birthday party, and then there is the fashion and psychology event that I have at work on Tuesday. I began to think I should start in order of the events. I was about to log into my work email account and create my task list for Monday, but opted to first go to Pinterest and came across the above which served as a great reminder and inspiration for this post.
I don't know about you, but sometimes it can be so very easy to live by check marks, written tasks with lines running through them, or events on a calendar and totally miss the moments that we have to just pause, rest, relax, breathe.
I'm all about making the best and the most of every situation, opportunity, and life as a whole. However, what I stumbled across reminded me that sometimes making the best, and increasing our ability to be and do our best, means slowing down.
In case you are wondering how my night finished up, it finished with me not doing anything related to my 9-5 gig, giving myself an hour to do LIVE and my nephew's birthday stuff, a cup of peach tea, a good movie, and bed.
I totally didn't rush the night. I enjoyed every last bit of it.
This week, don't rush your week, day, or night. Take it all in.
Happy Tuesday

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