No More Lies

Last month at the LIVE gathering our guest speaker talked about living with muscular dystrophy. She shared that what is more crippling than physical limitations is a limited mindset. She reminded the women who gathered that if you limit yourself in your mind you will limit your life.
As with all of our LIVE gatherings there is post speaker dialog and during that dialog we talked about some of the lies we have bought into that limit us and prohibit us from LIVE-ing our best life. 
Then, while sitting in church this past Sunday morning and flipping through my Bible I pulled out one of several folded sheets of paper. I read the paper and as I read it, I clearly had engaged in some type of Christian psychological activity. I had written five things that were clearly bothering me and then five scriptures to address what was bothering me.
In hindsight, I had written five lies that were limiting me from living a more fulfilling life and productively working towards my personal and professional goals.
What were the lies?
Well one was “Phreedum designs aren’t good enough.” I definitely laughed at that especially with having Phreedum goods in stock at a sweet little shop called Kembrel in Rittenhouse.  I highly recommend you stop by and check out the store and pick up some Phreedum goods. I won’t even be mad if you stop reading this post to go do so.
Another lie?  “I am not good enough for jobs with more pay and leadership opportunity.” I laughed again. Since starting my 9-5 gig this past January, I have increased pay and I’m a supervisor, spoke at a conference, and am facilitating a session at another one this fall.
There were a few more lies which are completely untrue today, and were completely untrue when I wrote them over a year ago. However at some point I really did believe them and they really did play a role in the decisions I made or didn’t make.  They dictated the pace at which I worked or didn’t work, the likelihood of me socializing or not, my mood, and my anxiety levels.
Every now and again I think it’s important to sit down with ourselves and check the stock of lies in our lives. If we don’t, I think we do limit ourselves, and we set ourselves up for setbacks. Our behaviors are so connected to our beliefs. And if your beliefs suck, I’m just gonna tell you like your boo, bff, momma, or  whoever should have- your behavior does too.
This week, pull out your lie detector and when it goes off,  look at the lie you have bought into, and then look for the truth. The truth is what you want to live by, because, the truth will set you phree.

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Omolola Adele-Oso said...

I wholeheartedly agree. The greatest battle we fight is the one in our minds. It also makes sense that the brain is the most studied organ in our bodies that scientists still know the least about. I am often challenging my own lies. Those I choose to delay doing battle with, life makes sure I am forced to confront in a BIG way!! I really liked this post. Thanks!