As Long As It Lifts You

That's not to say at times the very thing you love won't be the very thing that causes a sense of anger, frustration, anxiety, hopelessness, or flat out fear. Chances are, if it's worth loving, it will. But more importantly, beyond all of that is that it should lift you.
It should turn the anger to action, the frustration to fuel, the anxiety to energy, the hopelessness to hope, and fear into faith. 
It should be what makes you smile as you stay up until the wee hours of the morning, has you laugh to yourself while waiting for the train, makes you hum a sweet little diddy while standing in line for your sugar free soy vanilla latte, and narrates the dreams of your subconscious.
If you are going to pursue a dream, goal, passion, vision, or whatever you are trying to pursue, then just make sure it lifts you, and I won't be mad if it happens to lift others along the way.
Happy Tuesday! xxoo

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