Vacation is over and nothing made that clearer than this past week when I gave about four presentations in the span of two days at my 9-5 gig, hosted our third LIVE event Saturday, and hosted a small house warming for family at my new place Sunday afternoon. As I woke up Sunday morning exhausted and mentally running through all I intended to do before guest arrived that afternoon for the house warming I began to freak out. It was just family, but I was wondering if I'd prepared enough. Would my space be comfortable enough? Was it kid friendly enough? (It definitely wasn't so I called my aunt and enlisted her and my cousin to bring games). Would the menu I selected be enough for the meat lovers the non meat eaters the high blood pressure-ers (I made that up) and the dieters? I grabbed my phone to check the time to make sure I had enough time to do l that needed to be done before guest arrived and it was barely past 7am. "Enough." I told myself. "Enough."
I am, I have, and I do enough. I know, I know. "But Ahyana, what about those past posts where you talk about mediocrity and doing better?'  To that I say, there is a time for everything, and if there is to be a time of excellence and better, then there must be times when we can stop, and enjoy what we have, who we are, and what we have done, and say "Enough."  Today, you are, you have, you do enough.

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