Open and Shut

I’m still setting up my new place. Thoroughly pleased with how the office is coming along, absolutely loving the chocolate and merlot colors I picked for the living room, and I finally color coordinated my closet. And when I need a break from moving, lifting, tucking, angeling, and coordinating, I indulge activities that make me happy, like blog reading.

As I took a moment to steal way to I came across a gorgeous photo of doors (yes the photo accompanying this blog).  They reminded me of the doors that adorned the front of one of the cutest cards a dear friend sent to me some years ago. On the front is a photograph of a beautiful balcony that I imagine is somewhere in Europe, and the gorgeous ivory doors that led to the balcony were partially open. There was actually paper that you could “open “to open the doors that were on the balcony.

I don’t remember all that the card said, but I do remember the first two lines which were “A, these doors remind me of you. Don’t be afraid to close them or open them when you need to.”

The card made me smile and I have kept its words particularly close to me this week amidst prepping for the Kembrel Trunk show in two weeks (talk about a bal of nerves and excitement) packing for Orlando, prepping to speak at a conference, and birthday party and apartment warming planning. I’ve had to remind myself to be open to utilizing my supports and asking for help, being open to inspiration and new creative outlets, and networking and meeting new creative independents for the blog.  Likewise I’ve had to close shop in order to steal away and get some peace and quiet uninterrupted by phone vibrations or outlook calendar reminders, and decline some larger events to soak in the nurturance offered by smaller gatherings and one on ones.

“Reader, these doors remind me of you.
 Don’t be afraid to close them or open them when you need to.”

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