Imitation of Life

I am still settling into my new spot and am already considering going green. And by green I mean adding some plants. mom got me a plant for my last place and um….I almost killed it. In fact Bennito is at her place going through some rehab. So, as I am considering  going green, the question I ask myself is  “Do I want a new real plant or a fake one?”

Do I want life or the imitation of it?

That had me ask myself a couple f other questions such as  “Do I live life, or an imitation of it?” and “How do you know the difference? “

After pondering the questions I decided living things grow, demand nurturance, and create change (usually positive change). Imitations never stop looking the way they did from the start, or as time wares they look worse, but you never see an imitation look better. Neglect doesn't kill them nor does it necessitate rehab.  Imitations remain static and dynamic-less, therefore completely unable to create  positive change.

If I can’t look at my life and see growth, account for how I nurture myself and am part of nurturing relationships and experiences, and am constantly changing for the better despite challenges, then I am living an imitation of life. If you can’t look at your life, your goals, or your dreams and account for how they are growing, being cultivated, and changing despite the challenges reality often brings, you are living an imitation of life.

Are you real or plastic? Do you need to be watered or occasionally dusted? Do you bloom or are the same yellowish green leaves I see on you today going to be the same exact ones I see on you five years from now?

This week take a moment to check in and see if you are living life or an imitation of it. If it’s the latter, it’s not too late to trade your plastic for some dirt, seeds, water, sunshine, and growth.  Happy Tuesday!

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