Give It All You Got

“We cannot be wholehearted unless we dare to be brokenhearted first.”-BB

I’ve had the super fantastic privilege of interviewing dozens of really amazing creative independents about the pursuit of their dreams.  In most of the interviews the person I interviewed is honest enough to share that they have known rejection, delay, and denial pretty well, sometimes what seemed like too well. For a few moments they are vulnerable enough to share that they didn’t get it right the first, second or third time. That they had to work at finding joy in the small triumphs like their first sale (I beamed, especially when it was to a person visiting the states from England), perfecting their logo, an invitation to collaborate with other creative types (kinda like me working with Kembrel for a trunk show this Sunday), that 25th twitter follower (I was ecstatic when I got my 100th follower) , a repin on Pinterest, or that liked Facebook status. Then they’d take their small triumphs and let them be what fuels them forward to continue and more importantly fully pursue their dreams.
I have interviewed dozens of creative independents that have dared to be brokenhearted in order to  wholeheartedly pursue their  passion and this week I encourage you to do the same. Dare to be brokenhearted (whatever that looks like) in order to be wholehearted (you will know exactly what this looks like).
Happy Tuesday!

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