Before The Games

The Olympics are upon us as I am sure you are well aware. There has been a lot to celebrate between this being the first time ever the US has sent more female athletes to the Olympics than male athletes to the US already securing five gold medals. Before the games began we were inundated with updates of athletes in their efforts to qualify for the Olympics, as well as the maintenance routines o f the athletes that did qualify for the Olympics. Needles to say we have been made well aware of the hard work these athletes put in and how important preparation is in order to give them the ability to maximize their opportunity to win come game day.
This past weekend I had my first trunk show in a few years. Last Monday I was totally ready to back out. The expected excitement was definitely overshadowed by nerves. Yet that same Monday I considered backing out was the same Monday everything for the show was packed. The inventory, signage, cashbox, bags for merchandise, inventory spreadsheets, etc. My outfit for the show- ironed and laid aside; including the funky Steve madden wedges and other accessories.  If I had to wake up Tuesday and put on the show I would have been ready, no doubt.
Saturday rolled around and mentally I was going through how I hoped the show panned out the following day. I also began to think about how to plan my day and Sunday morning so that I would be relaxed, clear headed, and ready for a successful show.
So, my Saturday included a great homemade breakfast (eggs, cheddar cheese, red and yellow peppers, waffles, fresh strawberries, and orange juice), some exercise, reading my favorite blogs, pinning some new things to Pinterest, reading, church in the evening, Chinese food for dinner, and last minute edits to the look book slide show and vibing out to one of my favorite playlist on itunes.
Sunday morning included the usual hygiene routine, breakfast (nothing heavy, Greek yogurt and more fruit), reading and journaling, gospel music, and laundry before catching a train into the city early enough to allow me to grab a detectible lunch, read though the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar (Rhianna on the cover screamed “buy me”) and head to the store just in time for one of the good guys in my life to show up with the box of Phreedum goods.
The show was GREAT!  A lot of love from faithful supporters (friends, family members, you reading this) and  some new faces. A few invitations to do other shows, and an invite from one of the store owners for the store to carry a few products ( I smiled so hard after this, my cheeks still hurt).
While I won’t say that my Saturday and Sunday were the perfect preparation techniques to ensure a great show, I can say that I was well rested, focused, confident, and ready.  I was prepared to maximize my opportunity.
This week my hope is that you take a moment to make sure you are preparing yourself to maximize your opportunities. And opportunities come every single day.  Hopefully some opportunities will come that make you smile so much that your cheeks hurt too! 

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