STOP In The Name Of Love (for yourself and for your purpose)

One of The Supremes most memorable songs, Stop In The Name Of Love, is exactly what I want you to think about this week.  I want you to stop in the name of love for yourself and your purpose, and ont think so much about what you need to do but rather what you should stop doing.
I’m a bit of a list maker.  "To Do" lists help me stay organized, get things accomplished, keep me focused and moving towards productivity. Recently however, more than to do list I have come to love- stop doing lists. In fact, I think stop doing lists are even more helpful than to do lists and certainly just as necessary.
I don’t have many stop doing lists. There are no color coded “stop doing“ post its by my desk or night table. My Google and Outlook calendars don’t have “stop doing” tasks. Largely in part because the purpose of a stop doing list is to make you less busy because of doing, but more efficient  by thinking about how you use your time and resources and where you can conserve.
This past week I have been adhering to my stop doing list which includes things like:

Stop going to places I don't really enjoy- If I wouldn't go solo I don't need to go at all. I can and will politely decline invitations to places or events that just aren’t me.

Stop over extending- I have limits. I am human. As a human I am, allowed to have limits and work inside them. I cannot do more than two social anythings a week, Monday through Friday. That includes any type of small group, or dinner with someone, or an interview face to face, or any type of Phreedum interview/ blog research. Twice a week. And, I MUST adhere to a day of rest. 

Stop underselling self and product- I am much clearer on what Phreedum is and isn't and need to act accordingly. I need to think a little more creatively particularly in offering opportunities to encourage and motivate folk as well as extending the invitations to do so. 

Stop trying to make it work- Some things are not for my figuring or finagling. I don't have to use my creative abilities to problem solve for others, or really problem solve for self. I can use them to create paths of my choosing and then work out the bumps in the road as they come.
In the past week I have stuck to this stop doing list (minus the last one, I just added that yesterday), and as a person who is amidst packing up one apartment to move to another (which has yet to be determined), still adjusting to a new job, managing a company, and really values all of my relationships, it’s been really helpful.

This week try trading your to do list in for a stop doing list. Try being a little more aware of the things you are doing that you could do less or do without, then STOP doing them.  As The Supremes said..."Think it over."

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