Phind out Phriday: Dads and Entrepreneurship- Three Men Building Brands and Leaving Legacies

 So, this week I am changing it up a little bit on the blog. With Father's Day being Sunday I thought  it would be cool to give some love to several of the entrepreneurs I interviewed who not only spend time building a brand, but building the lives of little people aka, their kids. Since starting Phind out Phriday almost a year ago I've interviewed a lot of really dope creative independents. I've talked to some sophisticated ladies and some ridiculously ambitious gents, but, I've only talked to three fathers. So, this week, allow me to reintroduce you to Don Scott of DNTN Brand, Khary Blackmon of Sit, Good Dogs, and Floyd Robert better known as "DJ  Ignite"  of Ink Blott Entertainment. Don't be afraid to follow these fellas on Twitter and like the on Facebook and give them their due to brand building and legacy leaving for the little people. Happy Father's Day!

Don Scott of the DNTN Brand
"I hope my sons learn that whatever they choose to do in life,
just give it your all. "
Don has two sons . Read more here

Khary Blackmon of Sit, Good Dogs
 "Don’t be scared, just go for it. " 
Khary has one daughter. Read more here


Floyd Robert aka "DJ Ignite" of Ink Blott Entertaiment
"Sometimes to achieve succes you have to be wiling to start again." 
Floyd had one daughter and one son. Read more here

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