Land of The Giants

I’m an inspiration by all means necessary type of woman. And by all, I mean all except those things which are illegal or violate the personal rights of someone. So this week I found sweet inspiration in a story I remember from my childhood. The story was about giants.
For those not too familiar with the bible, or the story of the twelve spies I will give you an uber brief synopsis.  Here we go:
Thousands of years ago a group of people, the Israelites, were promised land. Not just any land. The land they were promised, often referred to as “The Promised Land” was a land flowing with milk and honey. It was a ripe land, perfect for happily sustaining the Israelites who were recently freed from being slaves in Egypt. As they got closer to the Promised Land, twelve spies were sent to survey the lush land that the Lord promised the Israelites.  Ten spies came back and immediately there report was “There are giants in the land. “ They went on to proclaim how there was no way they as a people could conquer the people in the land they were promised by God. The people were immediately disgruntled and began complaining. Ten spies spread and attitude of defeat amongst thousands. However, two spies, Joshua and Caleb, came back and shared the land was just as rich and ripe as foretold. The land was gorgeous and was truly a sight to behold let alone inherit. The Promised Land was a perfect land according to these two.  The elders who sent the spies out were confused by the conflicting reports. Joshua and Caleb shared there were indeed giants, but somehow to them between knowing the Lord promised them that land and all of the other wonderful things the land had to offer (milk and honey), the giants really weren’t that big of a deal.  Well, the Lord saw and heard all of this and punished the Israelites, letting them roam the wilderness for forty years until all of the defeated minded folk died off. Joshua and Caleb then led the remaining people into the Promised Land.
Let me translate that for the creative independent:
Sometimes we can see our vision so clearly it is almost a reality.  As we get closer to making it a reality large obstacles or giants will become very apparent (i.e. issues with vendors, financing, fall outs with partners, jealous folk, etc.). However, it will be up to you to see past the giants and see all of the other things that are present in order to bring your vision into fruition. This week, don’t be defeated by seeming giants. Instead be encouraged by your vision, the skills and talents to which you have been uniquely gifted, the people in your life who do support you (even when they don’t fully get why you want to forsake the stability and security of a 9-5), and move forward towards that which is yours. 
 Don’t be psyched out by the big obstacles,
hold on to the big picture.

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