I Got Lucky

Literally. I got Lucky. Okay well I bought Lucky, as in the magazine.  I spent almost $4.00 on a magazine that reminded me that I was slipping into a wretched habit.  No not spending money on magazines. Negating to take time to do things that energize and nourish my creative self.

Believe it or not, there was a time I’d load up on magazines. New ones I bought, ones I “borrowed” from friends, or one’s laying around the house that belonged to one of my housemates.  I’d take an armful, lay on my bed and turn page after page, exposing myself to ad after ad, article after article, idea after idea. Then, I’d get up and play in my closet creating new outfits with the same old clothes (I call it remixing) or I’d write. I’d respond to some article that left me slightly unnerved or suddenly passionate.
But it’s been a while since I’ve done that. I’ve been working and revamping, rsvp-ing and attending, meeting and greeting, balancing, thinking, and starving the hell out of my creative self.
Last week I started to feed myself by going to the Moore College of Art senior showcase. I could have died a very happy woman surrounded by so many amazing female creative independents. And then I fed myself a little more by buying and reading a lucky magazine which led to listening in on their fashion and beauty blogger conference online which led to fining some amazing new blogs which led to also finding some super cool new brands.
I got lucky and this week I want to encourage you to do the same.  A quarter of 2012 has passed us. We are starting month 5. I don’t know what your new year’s resolutions were and how well you are doing keeping them. I do know that today is a new day for you to accomplish any goal you have, but you sabotage yourself if you are pursuing goals without making time to reenergize and feed your creative self. Slow down this week. Get a magazine, make lemonade instead of buying it, drop in on that  yoga class, take your ipad to the park, view happy hour s a time to be happy and not a time to whine over wine.  Get lucky this week, whatever that looks like for you.

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