Please Don't Occupy

This past weekend I had the privilege of hosting a the first of six bi monthly events called LIVE. LIVE is for women who choose to live incrediblely victoriously and emphatically. It was my response to the death of a young woman I knew who while I will never know for certain am convinced that she didn’t fight to live because she didn’t know what she was living for. LIVE is my way of reminding women that there is something to live for and sometimes we just needed to be reminded of what we can live for.

Since her death in December 2011 I have committed to regularly asking myself one question “How am I living?” There are some days when I’m not living. I am going through the motion and existing, or occupying.  However in my commitment to living, when I  am aware that I am making the choice to go through the motions I take time to stop and remind myself what I am living for, whom I am living for, and that my today need not reflect yesterday but ought  to project tomorrow.   
My hope for you this week is that you will be a little more conscious and a little more committed. Commit to asking yourself “How am I living?” Then be conscious of your response.  If you find that you are just existing, make the conscious decision to live.
Living isn’t about the 1% or the 99%. It’s about the 100%. 100% of you should be living and not just occupying.  

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