Blessed are the Risktakers

The sign really says “Blessed it are the peacemakers. Our city and world needs peace.” My version, or the remix, says “Blessed are the Risktakers. Our city and world need them.”
I am often reminded when I am wondering if I am doing this whole passion dream goal have faith take risk journey thing right, that it’s less about right or wrong and more about the people who need what I have to offer.  And, if I am really honest, I need what others have offer.
A couple of the entrepreneurs I have interviewed have shared that they know their dream is bigger than they are and so when they contemplate slowing down or stopping it’s the others, it’s the city and the world that reminds them they have to keep moving forward.It's knowing that heir gifts, talents, and abilities weren't just meant for them.
This week I just wanted to remind you that the world is waiting for that which only you can offer. So stop holding back, on, and out. Take the risk and be blessed. 

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