Pucker Up and Change

“Do you need help?” she asked.
“Yes.” I said.
“How can I help you?” she asked.
“I want color. I want something that’s bight ad pink but won’t make me look like a clown.”
“Stick or gloss?”
She pulled about five different  shades of lip gloss escorted me over to the mirror, handed me differ wands with the differ inks.
For about three minutes it was apply, pucker,  and wipe with the tissue. Apply, pucker, wipe with tissue until it was apply, pucker, and perfect!
We found a match.
“What made you want to start wearing brighter colors?” she asked. 
“I need something different.  I tend to play it safe and I think it’s time to change.”
I took my new organic perfect "pink cupcake" lip gloss and made my way to the cashier. 
This week I want you ask yourself one question: Is it time for you to apply, pucker, and change?

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