Play a Little Live A Lot

One of my favorite new webs magazines is Liberette. I guess with a business named Phreedum you kinda have to appreciate businesses who are all about similar things (i.e. empowerment, growth, education, liberty, etc.). While recently perusing the site, browsing articles about new music collaborations between the likes of Estelle and Janelle Monae, the history behind Pretty Brown Girl Day (that's a real day, February 25th), and book reviews on books like The 4Agreements, I stumbled across an article about 6 African American Women making history, and one, Nicole Lyons (google her) was a chaser.Okay well technically she’s more than a chaser, she builds engines and she’s a race car driver.  The point is she is competitive and she goes after what she wants, a nontraditional woman’s sport and career.
Now, I don’t know anything about racing a car around a track, but I do know about one of my favorite childhood games that had me chasing a person around a circle. You probably know that game I’m talking about.  “Duck Duck Goose.”  I absolutely loved that game as a kid. I never sat completely on the ground because I wanted to be ready in case I was chosen to be the”Goose.” As I sat waiting and hoping to be selected sometimes I wasn’t chosen. Sometimes I was just a “Duck.”  However, when I was tapped on the head by my classmate, I was immediately up and after them until I caught them.  I was so good at that game.
I think pursuing our passion in life is kinda similar. We engage in the process of possibility poised for opportunity. Sometimes the opportunity passes us- we don’t get chosen for one reason or another. Other times the opportunity taps us on the head and we get up and go after it, chasing it while some on lookers encourage us and others tease us, but staying focused on the opportunity that’s presented itself nonetheless.
This week I encourage you to ask yourself are you content being a duck or are you ready to be a goose?  Are you watching, waiting, and poised to chase and catch your opportunity? 

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