Phind out Phriday: Doing Beauty Better, Jalea Dodson of Jspot Beauty LLC

This week’s  featured entrepreneur hales from Baltimore, Maryland. Like many entrepreneurs she tried the safe and practical 9-5 but gave it up for school to perfect her passion. Jalea Dodson is the owner of Jspot Beauty LLC. She is an esthetician (skin care), makeup artist, and brow specialist. Jalea knows that doing your best and looking your best goes hand in hand. She also knows people often think there is a “trick” to having glowing skin. However, what I phound out in this interview is there are no tricks  just education and a little Jspot magic.
Phreedum:  Tell me a little bit about how you started the Jspot?
JD:  I’ve always had an interest and an eye for makeup. Initially I started by helping family and friends while I worked a 9-5 doing collections.  I was growing weary of that job and thought if I was going to work, why not do work that I enjoy? I decided to try to work at MAC and in order to do so I needed more education to my instinct and personal know how. I went to Von Lee Aesthetics to really hone in my skills. I worked at MAC for a year before returning to Von Lee Aesthetics to learn about skincare. This time when I finished I decided to do freelance work. My freelance work morphed into the Jspot.
Phreedum: How exactly did you come up with the name Jspot?
JD: My first name is Jalea, so I knew it was going to be J something. One day I was watching the show “Girlfriends”  and it was the episode were Joan is pitching names for the restaurant she wanted to start.  Jspot was the name she really liked. And, so did I.
Phreedum: Who are you in 5 words?
JD: Determined, goal driven, resilient, bossy, passionate.
Phreedum: What has been a highlight for you as an entrepreneur?
JD: The respect and support that I have received for my work has been amazing.  My friends and family have been encouraging from the beginning and through the years I’ve gained so much support from clients. It’s just really great to see so much love from people and it’s for something I really enjoy doing. 
Phreedum: What do you enjoy most about the work you do?
JD: I truly enjoy my clients. I enjoy meeting different people who trust me to help them enhance the natural beauty they already possess. I get to teach them things so they can become confident in caring for their skin and looking their best. My client’s keep me going.
Phreedum: How does Jspot change the lives of others?
JD:  Being in the beauty industry, I think it gives my client, men and women, confidence. I educate them and increase their awareness about their skin type and skin health. I think some people think the services I provide are a luxury and unnecessary, but people have real issues when it comes to skin care and that can really hamper their confidence and ability to fully enjoy their life.  Skin health his just as important as the health of the rest of your body. People come to me and I get to help them understand everything that impacts their skin and how they can start making changes and see results.   If you look good chances are you are going to feel good. Who doesn’t want to feel good?
Phreedum: What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?
JD:  Two things. The first is to put aside your expectations and what you think will happen. Sometimes if you over think or expect too much too fast you can become afraid and doubtful. Fear and doubt are dream killers not enhancers. The second is to do what you feel and if you stand behind it it will work out.  This is my version of the whole “follow your heart and things will fall into place” saying.
Phreedum: What’s the best thing about being an entrepreneur in the Baltimore area?
JD: I think over the past few years the entrepreneurs in Baltimore have increasingly been more supportive of each other. I think when I first started it felt more of a “mine is mine” mentality and I think that was and is unnecessary. If you are an entrepreneur just do what you do well and you won’t have to be threatened by other entrepreneurs who do what they do well. The increasing camaraderie here is really great and I can honestly say in Baltimore that we support each other.
Phreedum: What is it that most people don’t get about skin care and makeup?
JD: It’s not rocket science. As far as makeup, there is no book that says you have to wear foundation, eye liner, etc.  I recommend that you put on whatever makeup you feel like putting on and don’t overdo it. Regarding skin care- that is a reflection of your health. Your face is reflective of your diet.  Watch what you are eating and if you are having problems see a professional.
Phreedum: Besides your makeup and skin care services you recently tried your hand at event organizing and fund raising, can you tell me more about that?
JD: Recently I organized and hosted “Kiss Cancer Goodbye.” In December of 2010 my hair stylist died of Lymphoma cancer. I noticed a lot of beauty companies were doing things regarding breast cancer and I wanted to do something for my hair stylist. It really started with me designing a t shirt and then that grew into an event. All of the money made from the t shirts and the event went to a family struggling to pay the medical cost associated with fighting cancer. I started planning the event on November 2, 2011 and had it on December 29th 2011. We raised about $1000.00.
Phreedum: Very impressive.
JD: Thank you.
Phreedum: Last question, if Jspot was a shade of lipstick, what would it be?
JD:  A bright teal.  Teal isn’t a primary color so that means it’s a mixture of other colors and the end result is a color I love. Jspot has been a mixture of passion, support, experience and skill. I’ve used all of those things to create and continue to build a business that’s my own and that I love.
For more information about Jalea visit or follow her on Twitter @Jspotbeauty

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