Mind Your Business

Most of you know by day I am a clinical counselor. I work with clients around a variety of mental health and wellness issues. Everything from relationship discord to depression, anxiety disorders to surviving sexual abuse/assault, grief and loss to identity crisis. No matter who the client is or what the predicament is that bought them to the comfy yellow, black, and tan chair in my office, it all boils down to how they view themselves and the world in their mind. I work extensively with clients around what it is they think and what they feed their minds.
To start, I remind them counseling will only be helpful if they have made up their mind to change. Once they have convinced themselves they are ready to and willing to change then we can start the process. Until they come to that conclusion their butt in my chair is a waste of time.
Most of the time I spend with clients focuses on identifying a thought, how it impacts their current predicament, the root of the thought, and changing it. Most of the time my clients totally get that they have to change how they think in order to effect behavioral change to achieve their goals. Most of the time my clients also say "But I can't.", "Well what if...", "That's too hard, you don't understand.", and the list goes on. 
I find while I often work to make my clients feel special, they're not. They're not because we all are this way. We all are constantly trying to achieve goals and effect change. In order to do so we have to decide that we are going to change (in our minds) and then create change (our actions).
Here's what else I found out. If you go back and read any number of the interviews I have had the privilege of conducting you will find that at some point all of the entrepreneurs talk about how they had to tell themselves certain things in order to pursue their dream. They speak honestly about rejection and they speak honestly about their determination. Many of them will share it was the maintained belief that they could accomplish their goals despite their current situation  was what allowed them to leave jobs, find amazing partners, lease buildings, or relocate. Others simply reminded themselves there was no plan B, so plan A had to work by any and all means necessary. Others imagined themselves doing what they loved and that motivated them, while others shared they couldn't imagine doing anything else and that motivated them. All of them reiterate the importance and power of the mind and a healthy mindset.
Whatever goal you are setting to achieve, change you are desiring to create, start by minding (choosing to have positive healthy thoughts/beliefs) your business. 

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rell stylez said...

Great article lady. The best medication before any is self medication...real talk